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I wrote about Mighty No. 9 roughly half a year ago, and about the virtually interminable amount of delays and waiting the Kickstarter-funded indie game was going through. Initially, Mighty No. 9 was supposed to be released in April 2015, but was pushed back again and again, and now it looks like it's finally coming out on a solid release date.
If you are a fan of Mega Man, and let's face it - you should be, then this is a title you should be stoked for.
It's been developed by Comcept, an indie developer founded by Keiji Inafune, one of the producers for the Megaman franchise, among others. Mighty No. 9 was first introduced at the Penny Arcade Expo in 2013, where it launched its Kickstarter after the official announcement from Inafune. The Kickstarter was successful, reaching its $900,000 goal in just two days. It was one of the early examples of the power of crowd funding.
It was also an example of how tricky the process can be, as it has been plagued by setbacks and delays, leaving a sour taste in many of the backers' mouths.
Now, though, with all things going as planned, everyone should be able to pick up their copies of Mighty No. 9 soon. Specifically, on February 9th of this year. That's just under three weeks from now.
It's one of the big releases of 2016 that I'm super excited about. I loved Mega Man, even if I did spend more time dying than winning. It's a hot new release, fresh out of the gate for 2016, to get things started off on a good note.
Hopefully it's as good as all the promotional material and gameplay footage would indicate. Maybe it'll wind up crushed under it's own hype. Hard to say until it's out. But I will be picking this title up.
The game is getting a multi-platform release, on the PS4, Xbone, and Wii U. It will also be available on the PS Vita, the 3DS, and on your computer. Basically, you have no excuse for not playing it unless you hate fun.
You don't hate fun, do you!?
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Woah, they reached their kickstarter goal super fast. In any case, I don't hate fun so I will def be checking this one out!