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Tagged by @Jiyongixoxo for this one. Some of these results were spot on & some had my dying laughing. Keep in mind my answers are based around what I'm like around people that I know, I am completely different around strangers. I also did most of this very early this morning when my insomnia was on full tilt.
1. Happy New Year to me!! 2. Namjoon stop wrecking my list! 3. Messaged received loud & clear B.A.P bias found 4. This is very much me within my inner circle
1. Accurate once I'm comfortable around people 2. One of my main female idol crushes 3. I can see this happening 4. This would be a dream come true
1. Love, love, love her!!! 2. I am constantly being told I was born in the wrong time period so I can totally see this 3. I march to the beat of my own drum 4. Again, I was born during the wrong time period
1. Image is one of the last things I worry about, I'm not one to worry about how others see me physically. Manners & charm however do play a large part in my daily interactions. 2. Once I know yes I am extremely extroverted, before that I am the quietest person you'll ever meet. 3. This one had me cracking up 4. Only with my inner circle
1. Surprisingly accurate, I think we'd get along well 2. Stop being so perfect!! You're giving Key to much competition 3. Spot on! 4. I suffer from serious mother hen syndrome
1. I know it's a betrayal to GD & T.O.P but I can't be unhappy about this. Taeyang stop playing with my heart! 2. Papa YG!! I'm dying!! 3. I have always been very comfortable in & with my sexuality 4. Another of my female idol crushes!!
1. I was raised to be my own person, I'm not built to be a lemming 2. Artistic & poetic yes, rose-colored glasses never. I'm very much a reality based life form 3. Accurate & hysterical 4. Family is everything, blood or not. Shoutout to Vingle fam!!
1. Can I get a time machine?!?! This needs to happen!! (hardcore ignoring of my noona status) 2. I use this word way to much 3. I'm YG trash 4. Told you, YG trash
@Jiyongixoxo Haha!! I had so much fun doing this!
I love these!! Lol you got papa YG too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚