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When you find yourself in a new place, the results can be less than stellar. Sometimes you need a change of scenery to liven up your pace. The world moves quickly and if you're dumb enough to let it, it will move on without you.
Remember when you were in school, and you had assigned seats. One desk, that you had to sit at for 180 days in a row. You had to sit next to the same kids every day, talking about the same things. You had to listen and look at the teacher from the same angle. You ultimately fell into a routine and forgot anything about the different sides of the classroom.
Then...your seat is changed. There are new people! New angles! New vantage points. You notice things that you'd never noticed before, all because you're just in a new place.
Moving around so much this year has taught me to appreciate where I am at the moment. Because sooner, rather than later I could be in a completely different place. When your vantage point changes, so does your take on the world. And as we get older and hopefully wiser, we understand that the moment is really all we have.
Feeling stale is part of life. When people are forced into a routine it's hard to regain inspiration...unless...
You change your surroundings.
Offices provide a really great structure for people who need routine in their lives. You can picture people now, sitting in their cubicle. They have their coffee at exactly 8A.M. They go to the bathroom at 11. They head out to their Prius for lunch around 1 and don't come back until 2:30 even though they only are allotted an hour by the boss.
Day in.
Day out.
This life falls on many people. And though some enjoy it, and thrive in it, there are others who long for the open air. They long for the spray of the sea, and only in their dreams do they end up living in that space. It's not easy.
Routine does not beget inspiration, and as many people argue the contrary, I stand by that fact. Routine gives me structure, a form. It takes the chaos and reigns it in, but it doesn't allow me to grow, to change. I feel like some of you understand that too.
Routine begets laziness, complacency. And once you start to feel even an inkling of those feelings, it's time to switch it up. Sometimes the simple relocation from the office to a coffee shop, or bar can do it.

Go sit in a library surrounded by strangers. Go meet someone over an obscure book. Take off your headphones and listen to the sounds that surround you, because life is happening.

Life continues to happen whether you're sitting in your house or not, so why not go experience it. Even if you value your solitude, it's worth a try.
I know that I'm going to put more effort into trying to get out of my little routine. Being in Big Sur this weekend reaffirmed that. I guess, living through all of the chaos made me crave something opposite. But life deserves balance. And I intend to try and equate the scales.
So if your mood is lacking, or you're feeling like you can't possibly come up with another god damn idea, just get out of where you are. Say you need a breather, some air. Make things work for you. People tend to respect those who say, "I need room."
And then just take it.

Drive away, straight toward the sun, and stop off in a place that looks weird and wonderful. Get to work. Create. Live.

l will work on this. thankyou. :-)
@TessStevens what do you mean trouble? In my case I'm an extreme introvert and would retreat to my mind if a conversation is unfruitful. On the other hand I like to listen to life story
Great card, exactly what I am trying to incorporate into my life given the fact that I finished with school
your on point now do it..Xoxo gossip girl
Right! @ChriSingularis,but I learned alot. Which is good. @Patmanmeow thank you. Of course. and mew to you as well. :)
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