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We all knew this was coming, but this is what makes the Jets' season a total and utter failure:

They have the 20th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

With all but four teams eliminated for the season in the NFL, the first 28 picks of the draft are set in order. And the Jets, who finished with a 10-6 record but failed to make the playoffs, have the highest pick of any team that did not make the playoffs.

That hurts.

What it means is that not only was this season a massive disappointment, as the Jets far exceeded expectations by winning 10 games and coming SO close to a playoff spot - they should have had it, really, but their new arch nemesis Rex Ryan played spoiler, just like everyone knew he would, but now next season is going to be an uphill battle.
There is some value in being a terrible team in this league. It's ugly to say, but it's the truth. The single best way to rebuild a bad team and make it a good one is through the draft. Specifically, one player can turn the tides of a franchise, but those players only come in the top picks of the draft. By the time it falls to 20, the very best players are usually off the board.
Despite their 10 win season, the Jets are going to have some work to do over the offseason. They are an old team that needs to upgrade in some key positions. Running Back, for example, is a major hole - the two players that shouldered the load in 2015 (Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory) are both free agents now, and the Jets need to look for a replacement.

It's possible a top RB could slip to 20, but it's far from a guarantee.

Am I saying that I would rather the Jets go 6-10 than 10-6, if they are going to miss the playoffs anyway?

You bet I am.

I don't believe in tanking games and losing on purpose to secure a better draft pick, but when it's all said and done, a 10-6 record does you no good if you miss the playoffs. And the Jets got really screwed by having the 20th pick. It's going to make this summer much more difficult for them.
But then as Kyle have mentioned already, the Jets did have a shot at making it to the playoffs this season....
@jeff4122 I think this a discussion we definitely could have in the community. Should teams lose on purpose if they don't have a chance to make it to the playoffs for a draft pick? Or do teams owe it to their fans to give it their best every single game even if they don't have a shot at making it to the playoffs?
Yeah, that's the absolute worst. It's not like they purposefully lost to Buffalo though. The most important thing is that they had a shot at the playoffs and went for it, as opposed to simply not trying. I think you would be more angry if you knew they were capable of ten wins and screwed around.
@TylerDurso we're on the same page
I agree, in football especially what's the difference between 6-10 and 10-6 if they don't make the playoffs. I'd rather a much better pick rather than a disappointing year sitting on the sidelines with no real chance of re building.
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