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Welcome one and all to the next installment of @shannonI5 and I's fanfiction! Hope you all are enjoying it so far! I'm having a blast writing it!
Steve could hear his best friend's voice in his mind. "You look good, punk. Just go. Krys is waiting" He would hear inside his head, egging him on. He knew that Krystal was a patient person, but he also knew he wanted to make a good impression, despite having known the woman upwards of 70 years now. He was shaking and nervous, yet he knew that if he didn't do this, he'd never know what it felt like. He remenbered asking her out like it was yesterday. He was a little awkward as he looked at her, her head tilted to the side. "What is it Stevie?" she asked in that soft innocent tone she possessed, making him weak in the knees. He had always wanted her, but felt it wouldn't be right to take his best friends girl, even many years after his death. "Krys, will you go out on a date with me?" he asked softly, one large hand rubbing his neck nervously as he awaited an answer. Krystal smiled, walking towards him from where she sat. "I'd love to. Say, saturday?" she asked, a soft smile on her face as she stroked his cheek. She really did love him. Now today was the day, and Steve was still in a tizzy. "She likes me" he repeated to himself over and over, driving off in his mustang to her mansion. Things were about to get interesting.
Meanwhile, Krystal was getting ready for her date when JJ appeared, zipping up her dress for her. "Uncle Steve finally stop feeling guilty and ask you out?" Krystal jumped slightly as JJ appeared behind her, but then she grinned. "Sort of. Alot has happend while you and Tony were off sexing each other up in the bahamas." she said, her grin becoming cryptic and more cheshire cat like by the second. JJ knew that look all to well. "Should I be afraid?" he asked with raised eyebrows, following her out into the living room. JJ didn't get a good look at the tall brown haired man as he pulled his mother in for a kiss. "You look beautiful, doll. Stevie won't know what hit him" The sound of the man's voice was what caught his attention though. It wasn't possible, was it? His mother had always said he sounded just like his father. When the men finally met eyes, it was in the light of the living room. JJ was first to speak, eyes like saucers as he drank in every aspect of the man. He gasped in surprise. "Dad? Mommy, How is this possible?" Krystal chuckled, leaning into Bucky with a grin. "Like I said my little soldier, alot has happened while you were in the bahamas with your husband."
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