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Yukino Yukinoshita is my Waifu Wednesday pick for the week. ha-ha she can sometimes be cold hearted, but also kind and sweet in her own way. I would describe her as shy but strong with what she wants and I think that's cute Shes from "My Teen Romantic Comedy", which I finished about 5 months ago, and I really liked the anime because it could be serious, funny, and just cute
isnt she just cute!!! :D love a girl with glasses...I don't know why though?
Not the best photo but she's still adorable!! she really loves Pan-San
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@superjkob Arigato. 馃榾 I haven't seen the anime, but the girl in glasses ain't a bad choice! 馃憤
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lol neither is yours 馃槑馃憦馃憤馃憤馃憣
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she's a cutie
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@InVinsybll thanks ^.^ she mine
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