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Ray Rice misses the game of football and is ready to make a comeback to the NFL.
Ray Rice said Wednesday that he still hopes an NFL team will sign him and that he's training for that possibility.
"I'm still hopeful. It's never over until it's over," Rice told ESPNU's Quint Kessenich at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, where Rice is serving as a coach. "I'm not ready to give it up. My second chance might have taken a little longer than I expected. I still know I have a lot of game left. I'm not worried about that part of it."
Rice, 28, has been out of the NFL since he was released by the Ravens in September 2014 after a video emerged of him punching his then-fianc茅e Janay Palmer, who is now married to the three-time Pro Bowl player.
In his five year career, Rice ran for 6,180 yards for 4.3 yards per carry. He was also an excellent pass catcher and blocker out of the backfield.

Does Ray Rice Deserve A Second Chance In The NFL?

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@havic you never know, Vick took advantage of his chance, Ray Rice may do the same as well
@kyleberke I think in order for teams to take him seriously he needs to be able to prove he can play at a high level and show proof that he has gone to extensive counseling to work on this issue
@bobs I don't know if I agree with the numbers thing on Rice. His last couple of years he was in a time-share and hurt some, but before that he was flirting with 2,000 total yards a year for like 3 years straight.. those are elite numbers
No team will sign him because no team wants the bad publicity it brings
id say give him a chance his wife been forgave him we should too plus texans might get rid if foster and we could use him