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It's the dawn of a new era in Cleveland.
The Browns have been very aggressive in changing the culture of the team this off-season. The team added a new coach in Hue Jackson. It seems as if the Browns are cleaning house on all questionable character players, as sources say the team is looking to deal or release quarterback Johnny Manziel.
With Manziel nearly out the door, the next topic of discussion is star wideout Josh Gordon. Is it time for the team to move on?
Gordon was banned for a year in February for multiple violations of the league's substance abuse policy.
A big-play threat whenever he touches the ball, Gordon made the Pro Bowl in 2013 when he led the league with 1,646 yards receiving despite playing just 14 games. Gordon had nine touchdowns that season, establishing himself as one of the league's elite pass-catchers.
It seems (based on his Instagram) that he's been staying focused on football and cleaned up a lot of off-field issues. Gordon could be a key piece in the rebuilding phase and can make a big play at any time on the field.

Should The Browns Move On From Wide Receiver Josh Gordon?

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I think they should definitely give him a chance. Given the fact that his performance never really suffered from his off-the-field action, I think he's worth it.
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i cant say
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He deserves another shot. The player they need to get rid of is Manziel before they start thinking about letting anyone else go!
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Honestly the browns are better off releasing and trading players to get fresh new ones
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