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The game is simple.

Ready to spice up your day a little? Join today's Jump Ahead January event – a game of Vingle truth or dare! Here's how it's gonna work:

1. Comment "truth" or "dare."

2. I'll give you either a dare (real-life OR Vingle-related!) or ask a question that you MUST answer truthfully in the comments!

Just so you know what you might be getting into...
Some example dares:
+ Say hello to the person you have a crush on next time you see them.
+ Send a message to someone you've never talked to on Vingle before and introduce yourself.
+ Write a card containing your top 5 flirting tips.
Some example truths:
+ What was your most embarrassing middle school moment?
+ If your best friend and your sibling were both drowning and you could only save one, who would you choose?
+ Least favorite thing about going through puberty?

Good luck!!! ;D

@Adrienpie @ChriSingularis @nicolejb Are you guys brave enough to kick us off? ;D
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I KNOW I KNOW. ugh I'm trying to find a good recording to show. I promise I will fulfill this. It might come next week though.. @ButterflyBlu
Bahahahaha sorry to those who I haven't given anything to yet!!! I should have specified some kind of time limit... I'll post a new one today :) If I didn't get to you on this one, definitely comment there!!! @danidee @InPlainSight @ShellyBallentin @LilyCervantes @ShadowAnggel87 :D Also OMG THAT's THE FUNNIEST / MOST ADORABLE STORY I HAVE EVER HEARDDDD.