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I know this isn't K-Pop related but something really bothered me today. So my friend Grace (right) told me today that some guy who likes her was telling her what her friends think about her. Well he said that his friends thinks she's a slut. I don't think I've ever been so mad! She is a sweetheart and is so innocent. She told me it brought up a lot of insecurities. This is what she said, "Do you think I'm a slut? Guys want somome with boobs and a butt. I'm going to get a boob job sooner or later. I'm scared of being alone because no guy wants a flat girl." Guys I started crying in front of her, I hate that she doesn't see how beautiful she is. She is so adorable and all I could do was hug her, tell her how pretty she is and tell her, her body is perfect but because of people's opinions and her own insecurities she wants to change the way her body looks?! I love her the way she is but I hate how society and how other's people opinions can make someone have surgery. I'm sorry for the rant but I want y'all to know that there is someone who loves you the way you are and if others don't then they're not the people you should be hanging out with. I love every single one of you the way you are ❀
Seriously she is adorable! This is the first card I made crying I LOVE YOU ALL!! PLEASE DON'T CHANGE FOR ANYONE!
SHE's SO CUTE WTH?! and yeah coming from my experience, high school boys are the worst. anyone who ever calls a girl a slut (even if they're just saying 'my friends said it) are bad people. Think of what kind of person would be friends with those kind of people anyway? It might seem lame but just wait it out until you find an awesome guy cause by the look of her eyeliner and how she can choose cool friends like you, she must be pretty awesome too!
@AmberRelynn Thank you & so are you πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
You are such a good friend. You are beautiful and so is your friend. Fighting!!!
This is really sweet! Your a great friend! Tell her I thinks she's adorable! πŸ˜„Fighting!
@kpopandkimchi Aww you are too sweet! 😊
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