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I know what you are thinking: this can't be a real dog. Well, good news for you — this is a real dog, and he is absolutely adorable!

It's time to meet Boo the Pomeranian!

Okay... just take a few minutes and look at that face! Stare into his eyes and just feel your heart warm. His fur looks so fluffy! Boo lives the good life with his siblings Blue and Buddy. I'll let you in on a little secret — Boo is definitely the cutest.
And this adorable little Pomeranian is taking over the Internet, and has made a lot of people incredibly happy. On Facebook, more than 17 million people have "liked" Boo. One look at that face and you can see why Boo has that many fans. On Instagram, Boo and his siblings have 615,000 followers.
If you like mystery, Boo's story has mystery too. The identity of Boo's owner remains a mystery — no one quite knows who owns this adorable pooch and his siblings. Follow Boo and his siblings on social media to add some cuteness to your daily life.
If you are having a bad day, all you need to do is look at Boo, and I promise, your day will instantly get better!
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He looks like an Ewok...
omg never thought a dog could look so adorable!!!! ><
Oh. My. God. SO ADORABLE. I can't even handle him!!!!
@LadyLuna hahaha you are totally right! He does look exactly like an Ewok! So cute