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The Grizzles, as a franchise are at a crossroad.

At the moment, Memphis sits at 24-19, which is good for 5th in the West. Memphis over the past couple of years have been floating between the 4th and 6th seed in the playoffs and normally make it no further than the semi-finals in the West.
This is a big off-season for the team, as star point guard Mike Conley is set to become an unrestricted free-agent. Many are on the fence on if he will return to Memphis even if he is offered a lucrative deal.
The clock is ticking on the Grit-and-Grind era, with Memphis slipping near .500 and struggling to beat above-.500 teams. To have a realistic chance of winning a playoff series, the Grizzlies probably have to finish in the West's top five.
Mike Conley could have great value on the market, even in a one year lease situation. The Grizzlies would be insane to let him go with no return, so now may be the time to begin shopping him to teams and see what return they can get. Conley, 28, is averaging 15 points, 6 assists and close to two steals a night. He is a solid defender and passer.

Should Grizzlies keep or trade Mike Conley?

@kyleberke I don't think he will re-sign, I'm almost sure he will get a 15 mil a year deal at least from the Nets and a couple other teams looking to rebuild
@mchylang Yeah the west in too competitve and they aren't getting any younger. Gasol is in his prime and Z-Bo is like 34.. they need to acquire young players, which probably means moving Conley
If I were the grizzlies I would trade for value now, he's def not coming back
If they really aren't expecting to re-sign him, then trading him is the best option.
Yeah they should def trade him. Also, even if they keep him, they have no chance of winning anything. It just sucks that they are stuck in the same conference with not only just one, but two teams that are having a historic season!
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