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There's nothing more heroic than safer sex.

Here's the deal Marvelers and Lovebugs: We probably all got some version of sex ed but the quality is... inconsistent. So while some of us were putting condoms on banana for an easy A, other people were learning that condoms aren't effective at all! (Which is bananas). While it's true that abstinence is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STIs, if you and your partners are choosing to be sexually active condoms are definitely recommended!

Condoms are more effective when used correctly!

That means getting the right size, leaving space at the tip for ejaculate, and used every time. That means no-reusing, and no removing the condom before you're done! And don't use two at once! Contrary to popular belief, that won't provide double the protection- it will actually increase the likelihood of tearing.

They help you stay healthy!

The risk of HIV transmission is significantly reduced with correct and consistent condom use. They also protect against bacterial infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis. The CDC also strongly recommends condom use to prevent the spread of herpes.
While condoms aren't as effective at preventing the spread of HPV, they do provide some protection.

Don't actually kill anyone, that's a bad call.

But do weigh all of your options very carefully. Most sexually transmitted diseases are easily curable now, but none of them are pleasant! And if not caught right away they can be detrimental to your reproductive health.

You know what else a god would do?

Check the expiration date! The materials in condoms are put through rigorous tests, and the manufacturer knows when they will start to degrade. Expired condoms are more likely to tear.

Most importantly: Do it for you!

Whether you're taking care of your health or making sure that you don't start a family until you're ready, condoms are a cheap and effective way to make sexual activity safer. (You can find the sources for all these facts and more here thanks to Planned Parenthood).

"If you're gonna fight a war..."

Saving the planet AND advocating for safer sex!

So... who else is gonna think of Captain America the next time they have sex?
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@nicolejb we need to hit up Trojan and convince them to get a licensing deal from Marvel XD
I was always frustrated with them, but you gotta do what you gotta do
@buddyesd trufax
I don't think there are any condoms that Dr. Banner can use when he's excited.
@ThePervySage maybe that's why he avoids excitement? ;)