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HELLO~ I'm relatively new to vingle, but I've really enjoyed my time here so far! This is my first challenge I'm attempting. Every time I try challenges elsewhere I can never stick to them 😂 But I'll try my best this time! If I forget I'll probably end up doing multiple days on one post ~~
Sooo my favorite songs right now has to be a tie between "Ma City" and "Dead Leaves" by BTS Ma city gets me hype asf every time! And Dead Leaves makes me feel some type of way why u do this BTS?!!!? My HEART. 😭 BTS is my bias group btw and I just love those dorks with all my heart even though I've only been an army for like 6 months. STILL IN JUST A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME THESE BOYS HAVE RUINED MY LIFE.
just fyi, youre user name made me laugh so hard i spat water on my phone screen hahahahahahhaha
Omg thanks and is your phone screen okay!!? 😅😅