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Neil Druckmann, video game developer most known for his work directing The Last of Us and, now, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was interviewed about how the next Uncharted game might as well be the last. Even though everyone's really excited for Drake's return to the spotlight, it seems like this last game will be covering a lot of different themes especially the titular "End".
Without getting into specifics, Druckmann made it clear that something in the story will make it different/weird/strange for Drake to continue on his treasure hunting past (which you can read above). I've got to say though even though Uncharted 4 will probably be the end for Drake, whether that's death or something else, it's got me really excited for what the narrative structure will be.
I've always enjoyed the pulp-y, adventure-y, Indiana Jones-y aspects to the Uncharted series and I never really looked at them as games that try and tackle heavier issues but it seems like A Thief's End will be a lot different than the previous iterations. With Druckmann at the helm, I have a lot of faith in what this story might end up being. Especially since we have The Last of Us to look at as something that is somewhere between a work of art and a video game.
The above excerpt gets me really excited for what is, hopefully, the main theme of the game. The "struggle" that Druckmann refers to is one that I totally identify with. The relationship between friends/family and the thing (whether it's writing, working, skateboarding, painting, playing music) that you're completely obsessed with is one that's hard to balance.
I've been through this countless times in my life and every time I found myself at a metaphorical fork in the road where it was my dreams or the people in my life, I chose the latter option. And there are moments now, when I look back and wish I made the opposite decision. I don't dwell on these old decisions too much but I think the struggle to decide on what is more important to you extends through the realm of video games.
And the bit he says at the end sort of gets to me. Because as I get older and see more opportunities in front of me (or the people close to me), I realize that having both or having it all is something that isn't really an option. It's either you give up your dream job for your significant other or vice versa. Or you take a chance on something that's 100% risky while all your friends and family say you should do the opposite. It's the passion/obsession that I've never really seen in Drake or the Uncharted games until I read this interview and, now, in retrospect I think the series lends itself well to these themes.
I am both unsure of what the game will hold or my future. But I'm glad a game that's mainly looked at as a fun adventure is digging into some deeper ideas. It'll be interesting to see how they affect a fictional character such as Nathan Drake. And if it doesn't achieve anything that I'm hoping it does, at least it'll take my mind off of my hard decisions and my life for a couple of hours.
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will be in stores on April 26th, 2016.