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These scenes look awfully similar...

The first scene is from Dhoom 3, which was released in December 2013 (fun fact: it was the most expensive Bollywood film of all time). Age of Ultron was released last year- so conceivably there was enough time for the special effects coordinators to find some inspiration from the Indian film. Do we think that's what happened though?
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@atmi true, as long as the quality is really good right? @justme29 yeah this seems like too much of a conspiracy theory to be true XD very similar though right! I guess maybe great minds think alike?
Looks similar, but still an awesome movie, so what! 馃榾
No, I've watched both movies twice, didn't occur to me at all. Plus it's only one scene, and there is a whole bunch more movies with that exact scene too. All movies come from the inspiration of another.
Isn't the bike slide under 18-wheeler a tv trope?
@HappyLulie @anonymousbean I've been trying to find similar scenes since I feel like I've seen it before but I've come up empty XD if you think of any though it might be fun to compare!