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Jonathan Blow, creator of acclaimed indie title Braid, has a new game coming out called The Witness and, honestly, I know close to nothing about this game and I want it to stay that way. From the screen above (and in the third block) and the trailer below, this game looks like a stunning, beautiful, slick first-person puzzle game.
Watching the trailer you can see that it has some exploratory elements that remind me of games like Dear Esther and Ether One. It falls into the super-indie category and I love it for that. Knowing Blow's previous work with Braid, I can only imagine what the story of this island and the game will be.
He's not afraid to shy away from some heavier themes in video games and even though that's something that makes me want to play this game, it's also the fact that he's known for flipping existing game mechanics on their heads and making something new and beautiful from it.
Like I previously stated, this game looks like it could be a strictly walk-and-explore game with some light puzzle elements such as Dear Esther and Ether One. But I feel like he'll use the familiarity of those games (and other games like it) in order to forge something new.
I might be overly hyping this game up but you really can't deny that Blow is definitely one of the huge names in indie gaming. I'm expecting a lot from this game from its beautiful sights to the actual gameplay. Until then though, I'll probably keep myself in the dark with this one until the game comes out.
The Witness will be released on PS4 and PC on January 26th, 2016.
@poojas same here. I'm really excited for this one to come out tomorrow!!! >__< (not sure if excited or constipated)
So many beautiful games coming up this year! I'm glad they are releasing it on multiple platforms!