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Vingle Nakama!

One of our lovely nakama, @tbell2, put up this card which asked us to consider what villain from anime we'd most like to have by our side.
I have a weird attraction to villainous types, so this challenge is right up my alley! Though instead of narrowing my pick to just one, I decided to pick three. (I hope that doesn't mean I'm cheating in this challenge!)


I'd want the Black Mage on my side for a few reasons - he's sexy as hell and he is insanely powerful. Not to mention how charismatic he is. He's the leader of an entire country, for god's sake. He also has a pretty good fashion style and his calm demeanor is quietly reassuring, even knowing how monumentally powerful he is.

Donquixote Doflamingo

This. Man. Has. Style. Seriously, look at him in that outlandish coat of his. He is sinister and manipulative, strategic and cunning. He was able to break apart Luffy and Law's alliance as well as falsify his resignation from the Shichibukai. His Ito Ito no Mi powers are incredible, allowing him to control others with his strings as well as cut through people with ease. Plitically and physically powerful, Doflamingo is an incredible villain and I'd rather have him on my side than any other, even if he'd probably kill me anyway.


This demented Diclonus is someone I definitely would love to have by side. Sure, she's mentally unstable, but when she is in her Nyu personality, she is downright adorable. As Lucy, she is deadly and terrifying. Her vectors are able to breach through the stratosphere and she kills without mercy. The best part of a Diclonus is that you basically don't see your death coming.
lucy is not a villian she was girl with a powerful gift that no one understood. she was good person ,she just got miss treated is all. elfen leid was a tearjerker.
but if you read manga you should read that instead because its a lil different from the anime
@InVinsybll youre not cheating haha X) and I like the choices!! haha that wouldb be a sick team!!
@InVinsybll deadman wonderland is very similar to elfin lied I highly recommend it
Oooh Lucy is a good one. Like your enemies would really be feelin them hands u know. And Zeref is fine af bring that here boy :3
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