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I love that they do this at every concert. this one, according to YBs Instagram, was for 2016 new years (I think.....) ^_^
gaon music awards. it looks like a scorpion tail. while he's still adorable, and I am a Scorpio so I love the idea, but it's my last fav of his hair styles. I mean..... come on YB, what we're you thinking? ;_; followed closely by the second pic of his bouncy mo hawk. I love the mo hawk on him which is why it didn't place least fav. but.... it's soooooooo bouncy. Lol
awwwwwww poor gwanghee Lol but it went well in the end! and the second video has all of them! they have so much fun Lol
ok so, i love this MV. I love this song as well. I mean really, the beat the message! Lol one of their best older songs. note for the hunt! YB is dressed as a woman! I took a snap shot of each image the best I could. the first showed YB as a man and a woman. I also included the MV video for your viewing pleasure Lol I haven't found any other attractive versions of YB as a woman out there, honestly this is the only I found :P which is why I love it! he's usually really shy and the fact he dressed up as a woman is really surprising Lol :3
so I love GD. I love him with all of my heart. keep that in mind while I explain why this outfit just did not do it for me. it reminds me a cruella devile. idk if I spelled her name right out not. but GD loves animals he wouldn't wear them! it's just not a good fashion choice and I was very happy it didn't last long Lol
so the first five are the ones I like most. YB, SeungRi, GDragon, Deasung, and T.O.P in that order Lol :) love YBs the most in this instance! lucky girl Lol
panda fan art! the first one is my fav <3 so cute!!!!! I also included a few cute images that aren't fan art. just for viewing pleasure Lol. so adorable! Lol panda!!!
SPECIAL VIDEO AT THE END!!! 1 during the making of the MV. I thought the girl was a little pushy and snotty, but I loved hearing GDs voice so I overlooked it Lol 2 seungri bring all cute and adorable!! 3 all five of them speaking English!!!! even T.O.P! Lol 4 I video taped this one!!!!! you can hear me screaming too Lol
you show'em dae! Lol T.O.Ps pillow is between GD and YB :)
get your cray-on! lol so I want sure if pictures from the MV would count so I included 5 of actual crayons :P I love that he stuck crayons in his MV tho Lol so cute bonus video of my fav live performance of this song!!! enjoy!!!
Deasung dancing and being silly at. the. same. TIME!!!! I smiled non stop when I saw this episode, and I'm so happy I was able to find a clip of it to share with all of you!!!
lol the first one makes me laugh every time Lol and there last one too! the others are funny stuffing!!! the one at the very end I know everyone will loooooooove!!!!!!!
bts fanboying BIGBANG like always Lol. I love both groups (BIGBANG longer.... obviously Lol)
so I love cats and I find adorable videos all the time. idk if these will tickle your funny bone, but I loved them Lol
well this is my scavenger hunt for the 1-20-16 date! I hope everyone lives it and enjoys it! I'll be snooping around to see what everyone posted again! lol @Helixx @Catchyocrayon @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @Jiyongleo aka @ladygdragon @BTS282236 @LateashaChantae I thought you both might like my card :P
@falme2 damnnnn right it was. VIP for life
lol @katyng52 we VIPs are all over the place! :P I know that there's tons of us t cause the concerts were packed!!!
@falme2 @BBxGD @helixx gd to know u guys better! And oh my so much more tips that I need to learn from this VIP fam :)
@katyng52 well I was born and raised in new York but them got moved to new england territory 😑 but its a six hour drive when I went to the concert. and I went to both night 😁😆 but I didn't had a pass. ... hehehe my cousin and I sneaked in lmaooooooooo!! *love my tricks*
@falme2 girl if my phone never died I would take mad pics and share it with u and my vingles. but my damnn junk phone died on me. but at least I gotten some other great pictures and some videos. which is great, but meeting them all. *satisfied*
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