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{WW} My Main Squeeze Levi Kazama (Trinity Seven)

Who needs Chakra when your a Ninja Shaman? As a few of you may recall my ideal anime self post last Saturday I said my Companions/ Lovers were the Trinity Seven and I Showed you my two favorites out of the Seven. Well This is Bae #1
First and foremost Levi Kazama is the Ninja Shaman Trinity Seven of the Invidia (Envy) Archive. She is one of the Top 3 super tricksters in the world of Trinity Seven along with being the in the among the Top 5 fighting mages in the world as well. She has stated that she was the third strongest in the world.
Personality wise Levi is very easy going and a very confident young woman. She often declares herself to be a ninja and she has the skills to back it up. Levi rarely ever gets agitated or nervous, and she can usually keep her cool and function normally even when she is facing a foe that is stronger than she is. In the show/Manga there is only a small amount of times where is uneasy or embarrassed. She is very kind, friendly and can get along with everyone, even her most dangerous enemies. She doesn't even hold grudges whenever she is beaten by an opponent. She also never gives up on a fight. Levi also has a sexy, playful, flirty, and perverted side to her which are among the best parts about her. She often likes to tease her friends, but over she cares alot more about her friends well-being, she's supportive, and she does her best watching over them all.
Mischievous behaviors aside, Levi also has a serious side, especially when her friends are in danger. She is ultra reliable in battle, and is willing to protect her friends if they are hurt and unable to battle. Being the Ninja that she is, Levi also possesses a cold-blooded mentality. She has killed more people out of all the other Trinity Seven Members thru assassination missions. She is also capable of killing her friends if their magic becomes to dangerous that it creates a breakdown phenomenon and still remain friendly.
Another notable trait of Levi is that she will never become envious of anyone, and her strong point is acting out independently without expectations of others, which is why she's a ninja, and her Thema is Expectatio of the Invidia Archive. She doesn't have a clear weakness in the anime
Levi is short and slender with long brown hair she normally wears in a ponytail held up by a Shuriken. Her bangs cover up her left eye. She normally wears the Royal Biblia Academy uniform as seen here in the picture. Her normal weapons of choice are her katana and her trusty kunai. In the current chapters of the manga, Levi is revealed to always be in her Magus mode (Awakened form) and has also mastered a new Thema in the Invidia Archive, Spero (Hope). Her Sorceress Mode gives her the ability to manipulate shadows and allowing her to be able to hide in her opponents shadows. This technique also makes Levi impervious to any physical attack. Plus she also dual wields Twin Machetes which break through anything.
So there you have it my #1 Waifu and the #1 girl of my Harem I've been under her genjutsu from the start and I have to say I'm loving every minute of it
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