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Knowing your history as a gamer -- or anything really -- is a big part of the culture. Plenty of games have come out for every system and sometimes it's hard to get your hands on every single title. But in my case, and hopefully the case for some of you guys, you don't find out about the best games on an older system until long after the system has been discontinued or replaced by a newer version.
For me, there are three games that stick out in my head when thinking about games I wish I could have played when they first came out. Mostly because dealing with dated graphics and old mechanics is something that I, well, sort of hate doing. But I know if I played these games when they were fresh out of the factory, I probably would have enjoyed them.

Wild Arms 2

Everything I hear about Wild Arms 2 sounds like it would have been my cup-of-tea when I was younger. I would have loved playing a JRPG with animated cutscenes as a kid. And honestly, one of the reason I have a love/hate relationship with anime is because of games like these. I've only heard extremely great things about this game and when I tried to play it on PSN after picking it up when it went on sale, I couldn't get past the blocky characters or the awkward control scheme. I should be ashamed, I know. But I really wish I could have gotten my hands on this one right when it came out.

Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends is a strange case for me because I actually did own this game right when it came out. But I think my issue was that I was either too young or too dedicated/loyal to the way the original series worked out that my mind wasn't open to playing this third-person shooter/RPG. I guess in the case of this game, I don't wish that I played it when it came out but I think I wish I was more receptive to the different gameplay mechanics instead of being such a salty little kid.

Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy and I have a really weird history. I first played a little bit of it at an ex-girlfriend's house and immediately got hooked. But we eventually broke up and my save file along with my heart was deleted never to be played again. But through my weird "I regret all my decisions as a bad boyfriend" phase I did everything I could in order to find a copy of the game. To the point where I started to use emulators in order to play it but the game would crash at same exact spot so I gave up. Especially since finding an actual hard copy of this game is extremely hard (and expensive at the time), I didn't think it would be a good use of my time to pursue the game.
All that being said, though, I am so glad and so happy that the game recently got put on sale on PS4. I'm sincerely about to pick it up but not in a weird post-break up way. But in the way that I am really glad I finally get to play this game. I don't care how hurt I'll feel thinking about my ex and how she's happier without me. I swear I'm over. I swear.
But what about you guys, my beautiful, beautiful Vingle friends? What games do you wish you could have played when they came out? Are they older than Playstation titles? Or are they as new as Xbox 360 games?
Some legend of Zelda games too
Kingdom hearts probably
@paulisadroid yeah I've played the first LoZ, and a lot of the "more recent" ones like twilight princess, ocarina of time, windwaker, minnish cap, twc etc
@RaquelArredondo Starfox 64 is so goooood! I watched a couple friends play through the whole thing 3 years ago and it looked awesome... Wish I got to get my hands on it though
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