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Hey everyone! I just finished watching InuXBoku Secret Service, it was an amazing show I recommend it to everyone to watch. But now I have a problem I have no idea what to watch now, so any ideas? If you could tell me some new anime to check out and what its about I would really appreciate the help =}
red data girl, say i love you, toradora, fruits baskets, oh and my little monster is so so good loved it so much finished manga but Haru is frekin CUTE and adorable omg love him so much i want him so bad😍😍😍😍😍 wish guys were like him so good lookin too like dont get me started with him lol
Have you watched Black Prince and Wolf Girl?
Angel beats
Fairytail . Date a live and griasa no kajitsu . Message me if you have questions . :)
have you seen plastic memories?
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