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Just another thought
take a moment and think about this, we are on a rock floating in the cosmos surrounded by endless darkness. surrounded by an infinitely expanding universe with trillions of solar systems with there own clusters of planets and suns. and this is just what we can actually see. Think about your place in all this..... its crazy right?
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@ShinigamiSan i guess? idk i honestly always thought like this, i just constantly ponder the big questions to sorta keep me on track
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@lordeath666jp I'm just playing with you!馃槄 Sometimes I think philosophically like this too. It's sobering, really.
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right! Like everything keeps moving forward so u also gotta march forward
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This is crazy too listen, Our souls within these bodies glisten This rock we all float on will implode and yet we'll go on Because regardless of who or where we are Our souls are the infinite dust of stars.
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