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Okay, for real. I definitely lied about not buying Rainbow Six: Siege. While I still stand by everything that I said in that previous card but sometimes you're perusing the Amazon [dot] com for some great deals and you find that Rainbow Six: Siege is half-off for one day. So you look at your hands and think, yeah, I'll skip a health insurance payment for this garbage. And you order it. You buy it thinking that it'll make you so much happier in the long run because nothing in your life makes sense right now.
Seriously, nothing does. Everything is meaningless. The one thing you grew up loving, you've given up on because you have to pay that stupid fucking health insurance bill and you wonder to yourself if it's easier to die in this country instead of live a full long life like all your positive friends say you should.
But you buy this game. And you don't open it. You leave it sealed because you feel like a fucking fraud. And you know exactly what that feeling is like because you felt like that your whole life. "Paul, you're so talented" they'd say and you'd go home and stare at yourself in the mirror wishing you saw what they saw because for all you know, you're doing what comes natural.
So instead, you give up. You give up on everything and everyone you love. For what? You don't know, I don't know either. But you're fucking sick. And you're fucking tired. And buying a goddamn video game on a whim is so much better than not buying something on a whim and you know you'll make this decision 9 times out of 10.


Also, if you have this game maybe you should send me a friend request so we can play together.
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Lmfao! I make this spilt second buys all the time, that's why FIFA 13 is still wrapped up lmfao. All these years and I thought that maybe, I would get into soccer but nope, games have been purchased and completed and it still sits. Oh and the Sims 3 wrapped up too lmfao it was cheap and I was like whatever, I mean I'm not going to today die off of 20 dollars lmfao
@paulisadroid i will overlook this but please do not give me false information
Haha I do it, too. Especially on games! Don't feel bad, my little Beeper. *Hugs*
@paulisadroid oh man, don't beat yourself up. let some of the bad guys in Siege do it lol. I don't think I'll pick it up still, your other card convinced me. but it feels good to buy games, even ones we said we wouldnt. I said once that I wasn't going to support Microsoft ever again. here I am all up in the one lol. games give that hope you seem to be missing. crack it open, play it, tell us if it sucked or not! it'll totally he work 30 bucks