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If you think the cupid Tinder is going to shoot you just in time for lover's day, think again.

Although it's possible to find love just in time for Valentine's Day, is a first date on a holiday reserved for love actually appropriate? If I was just getting to know someone, I can't really say that I would want to wine and dine over dinner the night that couples who have been together for ages are out and about enjoying one another.
While finding a Valentine's date on Tinder might not be the most practical thing to do, it seems that men on Tinder actually have some pretty interesting ideas when it comes to dates for that glorious day in February. Leave it up to quirky Cosmopolitan to have one of their editors ask men on Tinder their idea of an amazing Valentine's Day date. Keep scrolling to see just what crazy responses she received below.
Well concert and weed sounds like a great Valentine's Day date *sarcasm*
Because who doesn't love pokemon and red velvet pancakes? This guy sounds like a keeper minus the pokemon.
Did anyone catch how he awkwardly slid in the knocking boots reference towards the end though?
Sounds like your typical Tinder guy who is masking his identity as the 'lover man' who only wants what's best for you -- although he made it clear that making love is in the description. Let's hope he's not referring to a girl he just met.
Well, this is what you get when you've had a bad experience with either a frappe or a woman you loved and it didn't work with. Although, Starbucks is never a bad idea.

Well, I can't say any of these dates sound romantic, but...

Ladies, if you had to choose between the five, which would you choose?
馃槀馃槀馃槴 that makes two of us!! @danidee
Lmao, Starbucks guy needs to slide me his number. What's good, Doron?
@AlloBaber thanks i like haveing fun on Valentine's rather than drowning girls with what i want from them plus i dont need the funky dunky i would rather fall asleep with my date on the sofa after a fun day
@arnelli You're so charming!!! <3 I would love that V-Day date. The splashing around in the Starbucks bathroom one... wtf
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