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Winter is officially here and while most places (on the east cost at least) haven't been shitted on with snow, it is coming. I'm suppose to get at least a foot come Friday night and after looking in my fridge I find that I am completely unprepared for the best nights ever....a Snow-In PJ party.
Lets be real, nothing is better then having the excuse to curl up in the couch and do NOTHING all weekend because the weather is too awful. But the only way to make the weekend snow-in perfect, is to have these 4 items in excess.

1. Snacks for days...literally.

As we all know, being at home and doing nothing makes us hungry. You need to buy all of the chips, dips, cheese, and candy you can. Feel free to also throw in some canned soup, bread, and eggs just in case the blizzard gets just a little too out of control and lasts for actual days.

2. Every single season of your favorite shows.

Snow days, snow storms, and straight up blizzards are the best time to catch up on all of your TV shows! You best hook yourself up with all the red boxes in the world and a Netflix account because no one wants to sit though 48 hours of commercials.

3. Games!

Be it drinking games, card cards, board games or a combo of all three, you need games for a blizzard. Binge watching TV is awesome but after awhile it kind of makes you feel like a zombie. Embrace your second burst of energy around 2AM when the snow is still going crazy and play some good ol fashion poker.

4. Alcohol

Because I mean come on, do I really need to explain this one?
@EasternShell Yeah, that's true. I LOVE reading magazines. I used to be way more obsessed like, 10 years ago. I'd have these giant stacks of magazines on bookshelves like some weird magazine archive. I like reading blogs and stuff, but I think I just prefer how magazines are laid out.
I used to read Real Simple and Martha Stewart. I had to cut back bc it was too much paper and not enough time. I prefer paper instead of digital mags. I do miss my VOGUE and Teen VOGUE.
@EasternShell I read a lot of Real Simple magazine because it's full of all these helpful tips on how to adult lol. I'm still getting the hang of it.
@danidee I read tech, business, fashion mags. I don't have a preference. Right now, I have a stack of subscriptions I need to read. Fast Co., Better Homes and Garden, Marie Claire, Wired and that's what I can remember. They're paper so I want to recycle. I only saw Season 1 of Orphan Black and it was really good. I'll probably keep watching BBC movies while I try to get a poem done for a Vingle Card and organize my data files. It's going to be a long, cold, snowy weekend.
@EasternShell What kind of magazines do you like reading?
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