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So...I did something really stupid at work today.
I injured myself. Not bad, nothing worthy of hospital, but I still hurt myself.
It hurts...but it doesn't...does that make sense?
So word of advice: don't whack yourself in the leg with the metal folding leg of a table. Cuz it hurts. And the thing is, I put up and take down those stupid tables all the time! So why did I hurt myself on it????
As I said, I did something stupid. So now I'm sitting in bed with my leg up, iced, n wrapped feeling sorry for myself while wandering around on Vingle to help me feel better and not quite so stupid.
*Sigh* And that, my Vingle family and friends, is yet another reason as to why I was called Calamity Jane as a kid.
...I need a hug...or ten...
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*huuuug* feel better!
2 years ago·Reply
Done that type of thing before. It usually happens to me when I've done something so many times that I stop thinking about them and then "whack"... pain. *hugs* Feel better~
2 years ago·Reply
been there! s'ok it'll be over in no time :)
2 years ago·Reply
I feel your pain. Not only am I a spaz and a klutz, but I'm accident prone as well. I was injured on the job in September and off work for a month and a half. Hang in there. *hugs* FIGHTING!
2 years ago·Reply
(hugs) I hope you feel better!!!!
2 years ago·Reply