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If you've even played (or not played just watched Let's Plays) a little bit of Fallout 4 then you know that Preston Garvey is probably the neediest dude in the Commonwealth. Yeah, sure he hooks you up with that sweet Minutemen gig. And sure, he's really cool sometimes. Like when you first meet him and he tells you where you can find some Power Armor
But other than that, he makes you a general and then expects you to do all of the work in making the Minutemen great again. And he's fucking incessant about it. I mean, it's all he talks about. You know this, I know this, the InterTube Image Search (patent pending) knows this.
But some beautiful, magical human being decided to make a mod that disables radiant quests for the Minutemen. And from what I hear about this mod (since I play it on PS4 and will never know the beauty that is this mod) it makes Garvey 100 times more bearable.
Apparently, it makes it so whenever you talk to Garvey, he doesn't really mention all the settlements that need help. You can just talk to him about... sports or whatever he's into. I honestly don't know. I never talk to the guy because he keeps pestering me about some bullshit I don't care about. I got a kid to save. I got things to do Preston, leave me the fuck alone.
If you haven't played the game at all. Someone on YouTube put up a video that shows how much of an annoying lemon that Preston Garvey is. I left it for you guys below.
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hahahahah that's one way to shut him up other than the mod. I hear us Xbone players will get to use pc mods one day. maybe after a couple patches or DLC packs