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She's change our opinion about age gap when she played with Lee Min Ho in Faith...i swear i love that couple so much...and they're very good in and out of scenes... And of course she is very beautiful lady...
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LMH & KHS did have great chemistry in Faith. I thought at first this duo didn't fit right, but they did such a terrific job connecting with each other through to the audience, I totally fell in love with them & was rooting for them to be together in the drama. That's what I call great acting. I watched Faith twice, back to back. That's how good it was. Second time watching was as exciting as first time watching & picked up on some extra stuff missed from 1st viewing.
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yes they're adorable couple. I like to see them played in out of scenes..., they're so romantic and really enjoy, happy, and comfortable with each other.
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Yeah!! she is so beautiful... she looks better than ever!!
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and she has natural beauty too...not as a result surgeon plastic !!
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