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such as sexual and self harm content.....

Hello mis amigos, Thanks you again for those who have been supporting me. I finally found time to do another chapter since school has began.



Part 9: Not Daddy's Perfect Little Princess

Everyone finally arrived home and they were super excited. After spending time with their family they all decided to meet at the park for snow cones. Jessamine was so happy to be home. She was able to see her cousins, her abulea, mother, and father. She was least excited to see her father, since when they are in the same room for too long they end up in a heated argument. However, she was happy to see that he was in good health. Jasmine quickly ran to her room and chaged into ared lace cami and some short denim shorts. Jasmine then went into the kitchen helping her abulea cook. They were cooking in Jasmine's childhood home since the kitchen was bigger. She enjoyed her abulea's cooking and enjoyed helping her cook. There was so much rich Mexican history in her abulea's food. Jimin was on his way as a guest. Even though Jasmine had mixed emotions about Jimin her abulea loved Jimin. Even though he broke her heart he was her first love and best friend. "When will that pretty boyfriend of yours be here. I want him to taste this dish. He's such a good taste tester!" Abulea Alma says while mixing corn flour by hand. "I bet he sure is abulea." Jasmine tried not to laugh from the inside joke with herself. Suddenly Jasmine heard noise in the other room. It sounded like some one was being greeted. "ABULEA!" Jimin yells while rushing to give her a hug. "Oh he's my pretty grandson in law. My look at how stong you are!" Alma says while squeezing him against her chest. "Idk if I will be your grandson in law. Jasmine hates me." He laughs "Oh no Jimin. Jasmine could never hate you! No one could my boy! I can't wait to see those great grandchildren! Now come here and taste this sauce I made!" "Abulea don't say such silly things." Jasmine says while checking on the food in the oven. Finally it was time for dinner. Everyone sat down and they said a prayer. "So how is school going Jimin?" Jasmine's father Jose says while cutting into his food. "It's going great Mr. Lopez. I'm learning g so much." Jimin says while passing food. "Well that's great to hear son. Jazz how about you? Are you hitting those books? I was not impressed by your B plus in your bussiness classes." "Well I'm studying hard. It's a challenge with balancing dance and bussiness." "Well you should forget that stupid dance stuff. You can't be a successful business woman pulling B's out of school!" Jose says. "I love dance and I would die before I give that up father. I'm doing just fine in college." Jasmine says while trying to calm down. "Yes. Jose our daughter is doing well in school. Most girls come back pregnant." Jasmine's mother says. "We are proud of her Jose don't be so hard on her. Besides we have a guest." Alma says. "Proud? She's an embarrassment! The board laughs at our family. Who will continue my legacy dancing around in circles?!" Jose yells. "She comes in here with that short ass skirt. What is that. Who would want you? Jimin would you go for a girl like that?" "In fact I think she perfect Mr. Lopez. I would die to have her." Jimin says. "What fo you know Jimin. Eat your food." Jose says. "You need to calm down son. She is young!" Alma says. Jasmine began crying. "Well disown me for all I care. Your stupid legacy can die with you!" She pushed back her plate and ran upstairs. Jasmine slammed the door of her bedroom. It looked like just like she left it. Everything was in its place. She punched the pink pastel wall and knocked down her ballerina figurines. She hated this room. Perfect pink walls with pastel yellow and green pastel accents. This room was supposed to be a room for Daddy's perfect princess. She was definitely not that. She remembered all the tears she shed on her white soft pillows. In her father's eyes she was never enough. She was reminded of when she tried cutting at her stomach. The red stains on her perfect white fluffy carpet. She wanted to disappear when they called her to curvy in her dance classes. She always have felt like she was never enough. She promised herself that she would never feel like that again. And here is was still feeling like shit. "MAYBE I SHOULD JUST DIE!" She picked up a sharp piece from the broken pieces of ballerinas on her floor. She began lightly scratching her arm with it. Jimin quickly ran into the room and grabbed the sharp object from her. Jasmine fell onto her bed. "What the hell Jazz! Don't even think about it!" Jimin yelled. "What? What are you gonna do? Who cares about a whore like me?!" Jasmine punched him a grabbed the sharp object. Jimin pushed her down on the bed and jumped on top of her. "I love you Jasmine! I want you and always have. Baby don't. If you die I will die." Jimin grabbed the sharp object and placed it on his throat. "Jimin...Rome and Juliette is a bit corny." Jasmine laughed. "I mean it. I will bleed for you...fucking bleed..." Jimin stared at Jasmine. Jasmine turned her head and Jimin softly moved her heard back so she would look at him. Jimin began softly kissing Jasmine's dries tears stains on her face. His soft lips felt so good on her face. He them began kissing her lips. He softly kissed her closed mouth for a few times them he began kissing her deeply. She allowed his tongue to wrap around hers. He slip his hand into her hand as he continued to kiss her. He allowed her to gasp for air as he pulled off her shirt. He traced her celivish with his lips. Then he snapped off her bra by undoing the front clasp. Jimin continued kissing her chest as she played with his faded brown orange hair. He began slowly sucking on her nipple while flicking them with his tongue. Jasmine felt like she was about to explode as she muted her moans with a pillow. Jimin pulled the pillow away. "I want to hear you. Don't do that." Jimin began kissing her stomach a softly biting her as he allowed his hands to follow her curves. He slowly pulled off her shorts while looking deep into her green eyes. He ran his nose down her womanhood and moaned. Then he took off her panties. She was embarrassed by how wet she was. Jimin opened her legs wide and began kissing g softly her inner thigh and biting the sensitive flesh. "I always wanted to make love to you Jasmine. You were always mentioned to me with me." Jimin says. "Jimin I love you too. I just..." Jimin began sucking on her hood and slowly fingerings before she could finished. He loved the sounds ahe made as he placed her legs on his shoulders and began licking her from top to bottom. Jasmine bit down hard on her lip. But that did not stop her from squealing. Jimin continued to taste her until her legs began shaking. Jimin seen the blood on her lips and licked it. "You taste so good. I always love chocolate." He says in a sexy tone. Jasmine took off his shirt and ran her hands down his abs and his chest. She began kissing his neck and then she u nipped his pants. " Jimin no underwear?!" She giggled. He blushed and grabbed her hand making it go up and down. He bit his lip. Jasmine began flicking her tongue. He jumped her was super sensitive. "Fuck it." He moaned while pulling Jasmine into him. She wrapped her legs around him and they both groaned. He laid her on her back and began dipping deep into her. She squealed as her body adjusted to him. Jimin kissed her neck as she moaned for more. She gasped his name while trying not to drool. He flipped her on all four and began pounding her without mercy. She began burying her face into her bed. He pulled her hair while loving her deeper. She speed her legs into a split as he leaned in to kiss the back of her neck. "I wanna level my mark on you baby. You are mine. I wouldn't even care if I got you pregnant. I love you." Jimin moaned. " Don't talk like that Papi Chulo." She gasped. They moved to her vanity set and he could see their reflection in the mirror behind them and on the vanity. This turned him on. He wrapped his legs around him a went to town. Jasmine began screaming. Jimin was groaning loudly. "I turn into a beast when you call me that." He gasped. He lifted her up and moved her up and down his manhood. Suddenly, he felt he inside clenching and gasping him. She began to come and this effect caused him to come. Jasmine could feel him letting go inside her. It felt so good and her vision became blurry. Jimin took what strength he had left to fall onto the bed. Jasmine sat on top of him still connected to him. He kissed her deeply. "You didn't pull out or wear a condom Jimin." Jasmine says while sitting next to him. "Baby I don't care. What happens will happen." Jimin says. "You are mine now. For now on you are my woman." "Are you sure you want me?" Jasmine says. "I'm not the palest thinnest girl. I'm not even Korean." "No, you are not Korean. Why would that matter? I love you and all your chocolate goodness. Real women have curves and ass." He smacks her butt. "Plus you are super smart and passionate about what you do." "I swear if you repeat history Jimin I'm gonna chop off your dick and sew it in your mouth. I'm not playing so stop laughing." Jasmine rolls her eyes. "Well let me clean up. I know they heard us." Jasmine walked to the bathroom and her cousin was there at the door grinning. "Jazz you owe me girl! I knew when Jimin left the table yall was gonna be fucking." She paused and laughed. "So I got everyone to have dessert and drinks outside on the patio." "Chrissy girl thank you so much!" Jasmine says. "Yeah no problem. He's a keeper that Jimin. I know he fucked up before, but I think he learned his lesson. Well leave you two to whatever." Chrissy says while walking down the stairs. Jimin peaked out her bedroom door. "Since I'm a keeper can I shower with you." He grinned allowing his eyes to look like little curved cuts in his face. " C'mon silly." Jasmine says.
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