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I'm so tired of people judging Korean males, thinking that they are gay. If people learn more about other cultures, they would not have these reactions so fast.
Most of my friends say that they are gay, or that they look like girls, or that their not manly. And I'm just here like, have you SEEN T.O.P. and Nickhun, sorry if I spell that wrong I can't ever spell his name, Nickhun is the biggest playboy EVER! And don't even get me started with Jay Park, Jackson, Mark, BamBam and Vernon 馃槏馃槏馃槏
sometimes it's overwhelming for people who look at different cultures
Ignorance is bliss, it's easier to run from what you don't understand than it is to put the effort into trying to accept it. That's why it's bettter to surround yourself from like minded people and avoid those who spend their time trying to pick a fight.
Ik right!!! like half of my friends whenever they see me listening to kpop or see me checking something about kpop they be like "how do u understand what they're saying.", "why does he put makeup.", "he looks gay af.", like what the hell do u want from me, u don't like them then stfu and stop judging. mind your own business. and please go minded away from me (Us K-popers).
so that's their first opinion of oh "is he gay or is that girl a lesbian or why are they so skinny and singing in a different language?"
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