I have two genres I really like: Comedy and Supernatural. So I'd like to see more Supernatural Comedy in 2016!

Something along the lines of "Oh My Ghostess"
or "My Girlfriend's a Gumiho"

I've been watching way too many serious dramas lately - so I am definitely ready for some fun!

So Dear K-Drama writers: Please make me laugh in a scary way in 2016!! SUPERNATURAL DRAMAS!!

(credit to the owners of all the pics, videos, gifs)
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@kpopandkimchi I just watched the first. 2 episodes of Moorim School and it's got my attention so far! :-D. (Did you recognize the evil kitty? It made me laugh when I found it too!)
@krin @seouls Did you see. @kpopandkimchi card? Master's Sun has got to be one of the best supernatural dramas I've seen! I also REALLY liked Arang and the Magistrate!
Ooh! Yes, hopefully a good supernatural drama comes out this year!
@kpopandkimchi Yass Moorim school, I want to watch it becuase the trailers were amazing and I love the cast
@Marblue143 Yes! I just started watching it and am loving the cast! I haven't decided about the story yet...too soon to tell. :-)