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Well this is my results for the scavenger hunt. I forgot to do the first one because I had a hard time finding G-Dragon wearing GD wearing personalized ear monitors so I kind of forgot about it when I set it aside, but I made sure I did one this time!!!!

1. Picture or gif of BIGBANG's pre-show hand ritual.

Well this was probably the hardest picture to find, but thankfully with the help of a friend I was able to find two pictures on G-Dragon's Instagram!!!! :D

2. Picture of your least favorite Taeyang hairstyle and why you don't like it.

I'm sorry, but I really hate his hair like this XP

3. Video of BIGBANG in the recording studio. Video must include at least two members.

First video that I found of them in a recording studio ^.^

4. Your favorite picture, gif or video of one of the members dressed as a woman and why it's your favorite.

G-Dragon looks amazing in this picture!!! He's very beautiful in this picture!!!! But I do question why I found so many pictures of him as a female when looking these up XD And the second picture I thought wouldn't count but I added it because it's funny to look at cx

5. Picture, gif or video of G-Dragon's most outrageous outfit (in your opinion).

I personally find most of G-Dragon's outfits really strange, but this is one of the most outrageous ones I've seen when I was looking through pictures of his outfits. Like, what...? O.o

6. Picture(s) of all five member's signatures.

I think Seungri has probably the most childish signature that I've ever seen XD But T.O.P also has a really childish one too XD

7. Seungri Panda fan art.

Congrats to whoever drew this!!!! This is amazing and so adorable!!!! Cx

8.Video of any combination of members speaking English.

His English is so adorable!!!!!

9. Picture or gif of pillow top from MADE Naver V broadcast.

I ship it cx

10. Five different pictures of Crayons.

I actually really love crayons, I just need to figure out how to use them for my own art projects and such, but I haven't figured anything out that's why I still have so many crayons (the last two pictures are pictures of my own crayons). I might do an art project with melted crayons like the ones above. I probably would do something like the second picture though cause that's pretty creative! "Get your crayon."

11. Gif of Daesung dancing or being goofy.

Adorable Daesung being goofy cx

12. Make Me Laugh: Find the funniest BIGBANG-related picture, video, meme or gif you think will make me laugh.

All three of these videos make up episode 124 of Weekly Idol when G-Dragon shows up. You've all probably seen this episode but when I saw it I couldn't stop laughing! Especially when GD did the back hug!!! XD I thought this episode was funnier than any meme I could find.


13. Video of another idol group reacting to BIGBANG performing at an awards show.

I'm a little frustrated that the person taking the video didn't record all of BTS, but V's dance was super adorable, same with Jungkook but he could've been more enthusiastic :P And Suga just sat there!!! XP But you can some of my babies in EXO at the bottom so that's a bonus ^0^ V spilled water on his pants at the end XD


14. Make Me Laugh: Post the funniest thing you can think of to make me laugh. Does not have to be BIGBANG-related. Can be anything.

I couldn't remember anything, but this so I hope this is funny enough. I was laughing my head off at certain parts, so I hope you all find it funny :3
Soooooo there you go! I hope I did a good job and please enjoy some memes and gifs I found of Big Bang ^.^ Have a fantastic life everyone!!!! And when you just want to punch life in the face just listen to some Big Bang music!!!! And remember, no matter what happens we're all crooked inside.

BIGBANG Community Moderation Team

And I'm glad you found the video funny ^.^
@Helixx Oh, I was pretty sure that I that I did publish it on the Big Bang Community, I'll have to do that as soon as I get on my laptop. And I think only you and Kwonofakind got my card now, but I tagged the other members, so I'm not sure.
So I did get it. I had it open in my browser so I could come back and finish watching all the videos. You chose wisely on the Extra Credit; pretty much anything Bangtan does makes me laugh! I just need you to publish the card in the Bigbang Community and then it's good to go.