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Lucy heartfilia and Erza Scarlet are just 2 out of my 3 favorit girls from FairyTail Erza Is a very brave girl who always makes sure that the boys know there places not to mention Erza's love of cake:D Lucy Always put others befor her self and is a very sweet,kind hearted, and intelgent girl she has alot of ships and ive almost read at least 1 of all of them. (Nalu Lolu lalu Bixlu Gralu..)
The there's Levy McGarden and Hiyori (Idk) Levy is very sweet and has 3 guys in the guild that like her but only one that she likes, She very Smart and Loves to read books and Is always there for her bestfriends.Hiyori Is a Young girl who tried to save a boy from getting rund over by a bus, she ends out makeing friends with this guy and helps him tackle monsters and while just being herself ends up saveing him and learns about her love for him as well as him for hers. (Sorry I used alot of words)
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yes, levy and erza ftw