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I wore my jacket to work and put it on my chair. Client came in and I took care of something for her. I went to the printer and she screams "OMG!!!!" I spin around thinking actually happened. I walked back and I'm like is everything ok? She says very calmly "You like Big Bang?" I said "yeah how did you know?" totally forgetting about the coat. She proceeds to show me pictures from the Vegas concert. She called her friend and goes "I found one for you." im like what the devil is she talking about. She wanted me to meet her friend. So I'm supposed to be meeting her this weekend to talk K stuff. How Random?
Three cheers for finding one of our kind! :D 馃檶
Yassss girl
Stuff like this never happens to me.
Kpop will always bring strangers together. That's so awesome. I love it when random people recognize kpop related things!!!!
That's awesome. Kpop brings so many people together~
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