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Getting started later than usual, work has been INSANE! And my boss was in a car wreck last night, so I'm running the coffee shop solo (please keep her in your thoughts). Anyway...another week of hunting and fab finds! Enjoy!
BIGBANG's pre-show hand ritual.
⭐ Least favorite Taeyang hairstyle and why I don't like it: he looks like a lizard....
Video of BIGBANG in the recording studio.
Your favorite picture, gif or video of one of the members dressed as a woman and why it's your favorite: JiYong just makes a sexy lady!
G-Dragon's most outrageous outfit (in your opinion): I have no words have failed me...
☄ Picture(s) of all five member's signatures.
Seungri Panda fan art.
Video of any combination of members speaking English.
Pillow top from MADE Naver V broadcast.
Five different pictures of Crayons.
Daesung dancing or being goofy.
To Make You Laugh: Finding the funniest BIGBANG-related picture, video, meme or gif.
Another week down! Hope you all enjoyed my fabulous finds! @Kwonofakind @JiyongLeo @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @Helixx _____________________ @SatinSkies @Otakunidog
Chinis in a glass, anyone?
Yay! I watched the entire video. I actually passed out part way through watching it as it was way past my bedtime, but I re-watched the video from the beginning after waking up. And the Chinchillas in a glass are so stinking cute.
@NinaKuduzovic thanks for pointing that out, I appreciate it! I'm so scatter brained after a 13 hour work day. thanks girl! fighting! ♡♡
@NinaKuduzovic It was super nice of you to point out what @KhrystinaLee was missing.
this is an awesome card! love it! especially the fact we both dislike TaeYangs scorpion hair -_-' and I loved the video of them speaking English!!!
@KhrystinaLee Oh, nice XD I just saw this and I'm planning on doing it as well and I was like nice card!! And I saw that you were missing some and I didn't want you to not make it in the entry 😅
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