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HI NAKAMA!!! tbell2 here X) It's {Waifu Wednesday}, so another Waifu!! Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
She is a strong, independent leader by day! She makes sure to keep the boys in line and properly represent the school!
And sometimes she has to be really strict and intense to show her authority! haha and she is still cute haha
Misaki is sooo beautiful!!! She is the sweetest and kindest and perfect for her job as a maid cx And her smile!!!
And she is sooooo lucky to have Usui by her side!!! XD
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My favorite student council president is Medaka Kurokami. She's awesome and beautiful
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I love this anime so much and I very very much admire Misaki ♡
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Awesome pic! Thanks for tagging!!
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