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People React Ignorantly To Woman's Makeup Free Picture

Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder.

It's crazy how we allow the words of others to influence our behavior. Bullying happens online just as much as it does within the halls of schools. This YouTuber posted a bare face image on social media and the comments she received were nothing short of disgusting. It's amazing how people have the audacity to speak about one person's flaw(s), when at the end of the day -- we all have flaws.
No one person is better than the next. As much time as we take focusing on someone else, we could focus that same amount of time on ourselves. Keep scrolling to see the video below that will show you just how ignorant and negative people can truly be -- especially when it comes to social media.

People can be so harsh. I think she's gorgeous.

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Yeah people are really hateful! It's pretty said. I agree @Airpendragon I agree with you people should focus on themselves and the world would be a better placed
2 years ago·Reply
she looks pretty with or without makeup! its the society that thinks every women have to wear makeup in order to look pretty!
2 years ago·Reply
Well said @NaraA!!! She is gorgeousssssss.Makeup doesn't define a woman.
2 years ago·Reply
She's beauitiful just the way she is and will always be.
2 years ago·Reply
Yes! I definitely agree with you! @7of7
2 years ago·Reply