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Big Bang Hand Ritual

Taeyang's least hairstyle ... when I saw I this I was like "why tae,, like why"" for a second I thought it was a snake on his hair lmaoooo ,, so it never caught my attention. Didn't like how he looks like with this type of hairstyle.

Recording Studio with Big Bang

Ohh its Her alright. lol

I love how GD looks like here. He still looks good and sexy here.. if he was a woman I will still love him lol.
When I first saw this outfit on the MV.. I legit spit out the soda I was drinking ...

"Ohhh myy lord"" its all I can say.

Out of all his outfits. this was the tip number one which blew me away!!!

Big Bang Signature

Seungri Panda Fan Art .... with GD ..

(hope it counts)

Big Bang Speaking English

Picture of Pillow TOP

Crayon MV

Daesung The Goof

Make me Laugh (Look at Taeyang)

idk it made me laugh,, so hopefully u too

Idol Reaction to Big Bang at an awards show

Ikon and Red velvet

Funniest Post ***Warning*** The next picture was the one which cracked me up. . like who comes up with these edits!!!!!???? lmaooo

For the Big Bang Team @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @JiyongLeo (formerly @ladygdragon) @Helixx I invite Two of my loves. hopefully you guys play along. if not its ok :) @UnnieCakesAli @lilbr0wneyes
I watched it all! Great job. I love GD's accent when he speaks English. And why is Bobby over there, looking all cute, jumping on the couch, trying to distract me???
From 2006:clean innocent hands... To 2015: drawn "have-seen-it-all" hands xD holy shit
love this!
this is awesome! I love the hands picture, showing the difference in what they've gone thru :) the very last picture surpassed me. i was not expecting that. but.... I still can't look away *blush* lmao
That edit at the end with Tae Tae is just everything 😊😍👏
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