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Stay... Pt. 4.5

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Pt. 4.5
This chapter is from perspective of Yoongi.
“I think, I love her…” – said Yoongi blankly staring at the sealing. Jin who was seating next to him, looked at him and patted his shoulder – “I know, just don’t get hurt. I don’t think you will be able to survive another breakup.” He hated to be reminded of that. His last girlfriend left him, when he needed her the most. Those hard trainee years that he needed all the support he could get, she wanted all the attention to herself. She eventually stopped answering his calls, he tried to find her but it was pointless, later he found out that she left the country with her new, rich boyfriend. He was desperate, alone. He didn’t want to get out of the bed most of the time, it was worse than usual. He was always a sleepy person but this time it was different, he wasn’t sleeping, he was dying on the inside. That hole where his heart used to be was filled with loneliness. But everything changed when he saw you at that store. You looked so strange sitting on the floor with all those dictionaries around you, he never seen anyone do that at the store before. He saw you long before you noticed him. For some reason just your presence started to fill the hole where only loneliness lingered for years now. He was too startled to talk to you because he couldn’t understand what was happening to him. He felt happy just by looking at you. He debated whether or not he should leave flowers at your doorstep, he spent 3 hours pacing back and forth in front of your door. Yesterday when you two were alone he was the happiest man alive. Touch of your skin, your lips, and your voice was all that he needed to be happy. As soon as you left in the morning he started to write a song about you. He wasn’t this excited writing music for a while now and it was good to be back. Jin looked at Yoongi again, he looked him in the eyes – “I beg you, don’t get hurt. We need you. You are family. We won’t be the same without you.”
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