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REAL KPOP TALK: Discussion Topics

Hi everyone!

Last year in August we had an awesome event where we talked about the serious side of K-pop.

I think now would be a great time to start it up again because of all the new faces in our community :D

We've all be so understanding and accepting so far that I know we're mature enough to talk about harder topics without getting mean^^

Please comment below about topics that interest you that we can talk about!

Some examples:

- Half Korean and Foreign Idol Treatment (do they get treated worse?)
- Harsh Dieting
- Racism in Kpop
- Are Idols Too Young?
- Idol Relationships

If you just want to be involved and don't have ideas yet, just comment below that you want to be tagged in these cards!

And be sure to follow my collection --> Real Kpop Talk


and different nationalities in kpop cause you know jyp and raina are breaking boundaries
I think a great thing to talk about is how some companies are overworking idol groups to the point where they can barely stand
Can we talk about Idols who are seriously looking like twigs because of dieting? (I'm looking at you orange Carmel)
Racism as one thing, but what about what non-Kpoppers think about us/our fandoms/Kpop idols? I think this might be a good idea :3
Let's talk about the reality of plastic surgery because really it needs to be said
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