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I've gotten into a variety of genre's. But I really like romance. action, comedy dramas because they never get boring and keep you hooked with intense backstories.
Of course I'm excited for all Romance dramas to come in 2016. I've really gotten an interest in detective, comedy and romance dramas like "The Girl Who Sees Smells" and "I Remember You". Their so interesting and catch my eye! So if you have any recommendations for dramas like these two, let me know!
I really love the romance genre, it's my favorite. Therefore I'm looking most forward to the romance, comedy dramas! I'm so excited for all of the genre's I mentioned and hoping for some awesome dramas this year.

Tagging my K-dreamers!

@Tamaki1618 "She Was Pretty" was the 1st drama I thought of because it's cute and doesn't really have that much drama. It's really funny and every character is likable!
@JamiMilsap ah no I haven't but I did have flower boy ramyun shop on my list to watch, I'll bump it up on my list to watch and maybe start it next since I just finished Noble, My love. I'll also go and add twenty again to my list, thanks ^-^
@Tamaki1618 have you seen Twenty Again or Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (one of @biancadanica98 favorites). They are both cute rom-com that are just fun to watch!
I'm loving how Kdramas are making romances so much less corny hahah they're actually really awesome love stories!!!
@dominika Added to my list! Thanks! @IMNII I don't know how you live, everyone talks about how stressed they are Olin life and I'm worrying about what my next drama is going to be... 馃槀馃槀馃槀 lol I have no idea how you lived! @JackieMurrayCab I added it to my list, thank you and Yoon Eun-Hye is in it!!! So it's a must watch!
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