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Alright, this is a touchy subject so I want to make a disclaimer:
I am the kind of person that will never get plastic surgery, but I will not shame people who do for reasons below.
Korea is the plastic surgery capital of Asia (actually, probably the world). I'm going to highlight the pros and cons in my opinion, but I'd love you all to chime in in the comment section below!

Here we go:

The Good Side of Plastic Surgery

Brown Eyed Girls - Plastic Face
This brings up a pretty valid point...don't be ashamed of your plastic surgery if it gave you confidence. With that confidence your inner beauty can finally shine.
Some people need an extra push to help them be proud of themselves, and no one should shame them for it. If you're strong enough to be confident and fiercely yourself without an surgery that's awesome! But it is no one's place to tell some one else what to do with their bodies.

The Bad Side

Okay, so plastic surgery can give people self-confidence which is great, but it's a vicious cycle when it creates ridiculous beauty standards.

Take female idols for example:

Whatever that they're plastic,

What bothers me is that they are often considered the most beautiful celebrities in Korea. They are what K-entertainment is telling the world a beautiful Korean girl should be - and it's just not naturally possible.


Be OPEN about the fact that you had work done and stop telling the world that this look was achieved through diet or puberty or makeup. Let's be HONEST.

Male Celebrities too:

Sure, they look great and they're confident and they're also for the most part awesome people on the inside too, but it's creating a culture of impossible beauty standards. No one is going to come out of the womb looking this good without some medical help.
*shout out to Gwanghee for being super open about his plastic surgery!*

The Future:

More and more, celebrities are either turning to very natural looking plastic surgery (as opposed to the older very obvious style) The trend now is plumping or shaving here and there rather than completely reconstructing bones (for example, Baekhyun uses chemicals to eat away the fat at his jawline to make his jawline sharper rather than getting surgery to cut away his jaw)
It's still creating impossible beauty standards, but idols will hold onto their general look more.
When AKMU signed with YG they made a strict "no plastic surgery" clause in their contract so that the agency couldn't force them to change their faces.

I hope that more artists and companies continue this trend.


I am not bashing plastic surgery and the people that get it, it's your body, you do what you want with it. BUT I am upset about the culture it creates and the beauty standards young people have to deal with.
I'm not saying Korean youth are weak and susceptible to the entertainment industry's tricks but... WE'RE ALL WEAK AND SUSCEPTIBLE. Even if we deny it or truly believe we aren't affected, we are all affected in some small way.

Do you think people being open about their surgery will lessen the pressure on people to rise to these standards or is there another way to get over these ridiculous looks people are striving for?

Also be sure to check out @KDramaKPop1015's card on Plastic Surgery in Korea!
Plastic Surgery is so common these days that I find it totally normal. Many idols get bashed for it if they find seriously one difference like if their nose is higher . Like seriously , it doesn't change their personality or their talent. Seriously it happens all the time. Me: Wow that idol is pretty / good looking . Person: You know that idol had plastic surgery? They are fake. Me: Umm... did I call that person natural???? No ... I just said that they looked good and it doesn't matter if they had plastic surgery , you can't deny that they are pretty. Not everyone is born amazingly beautiful. I get that some idols take it a bit too far...I'm not gonna deny that. But not everyone who had plastic surgery look like a plastic doll.
I'm not bashing plastic surgery and if idols want to do it that's there choice but I know sometimes they are pushed to it by the company which I think is wrong. I don't mind idols getting plastic surgery if it's there choice and as long as it looks natural I'm ok with it. Noone knew kyungil had a nose job for awhile cause it looked natural. stick with natural.
I think people should be allowed to feel comfortable in their own skin, altered or not. You get judged for looking like you had surgery, you get judged for not doing anything; like nobody wins. I wish we could try harder to not determine someone's value by their appearances.
My family thinks that I like idols for their looks: "You do know that they have had surgery right?" Uhgh this question annoys the crap outta me. Did I met in anything about their face or looks in the first place? I like for other thing not just for their looks shallow bitches. For example, my bias in BTS is J-Hope; my cousin was like "Eww why him why not any other members that are better looking?" This was my answer: "STFU I don't like him for his looks I like him be cause everyday he puts a smile on face & brings a laugh out of my mouth".
and about the plastic surgery, i think its OKAY unless they go with something crazy and they dont look like their old self even 1% . so just a nose job, double eyelid surgery, or jawline surgery , they arent that big pf a deal, unless u do every possible surgery out there and u will look pretty but .. you know theyre all pretty even before also there are things more important like the personality than the looks and LOL my friend was like - gd had plastic surgery because he fixed his teeth and i was like -.- really -.- @christianliu SAME OMG
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