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So, one of my friends (*cough* @shannonl5 *cough*) and I were having a debate as to who we prefer between two equally popular comedians, Aziz Ansari and Donald Glover. Both of them are seriously ON FIRE right now! Aziz has gotten tons of award season love for his Netflix show 'Master Of None', and Donald's new series 'Atlanta' has had TV critics' tongues wagging in anticipation.

If YOU guys had to choose, which one would you pick?

Are you TEAM AZIZ???

Or are you TEAM DONALD???

Sound off in the comments below! (And, you know, fight clean, everybody.)

aziz! his new netflix series Master of None is HILARIOUS!
Team Azizi!
Aziz is great
This is really tough but I'm going to have to pick Aziz!
I will stay on the fence for right now since I really love them both I'm more familiar with Donald and I love him as a artist as well but Aziz is hard to say no to....I've never not laughed with/at the two...>~<
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