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Awww man Megumi is another member of my waifus because she is a lot like me because we both are shy and we both dont have a lot of confidence of our skills &abilities and ourselves.

At first she was soo nervous in her work but...

...Soma came around and gave her the confidence and strength to believe in herself. XD

She is absolutely adorable and she helps me to strive to be a better person cx She sees the good in everyone and gives them all the support they need XD

Who's your favorite Shokugeki no Soma character? (: is Megumi also your Waifu?

She's sooooo cuuuute <3 I really really liked her a LOT. There is something about those vulnerable and nervous types that hits me in the heart. :)
ikumi would have to be my shokugeki waifu. shes got the spunk I love.