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So i was watching a Got7 funny moments video..(this one) and then at around 02:50 ish block b her started playing... music video below... and i was like "err ma gersh! whut is dis soong?" so i googled the lyrics "just a little bit of you" cuz thats all i knew it said lolz... and then i found ze video below... ☺☺☺
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Block b I think is what got me into the kpop world. I had listened to cnblue before but no other kpop besides that. then one day I decided to just put up a kpop play list from youtube. Very Good MV came on and I fell in love. I love Block b and my bias is Taeil. Now I'm BBC all the ways lol
@xochitlzaragoza ahaha i like Zico and Taeil and Kyung
@xochitlzaragoza Since I'm still new and haven't done much research on them. What's with the BBC?
@CrystalGuerra BBC is the name of their fan club. (Block B Club)
@xochitlzaragoza ahhhhh ok. thanks :)