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I don't really understand why you guys like to be called otakus...
It's not a good thing? Do you guys even know the definition? Please oh please do not go to Japan calling yourselves that. People will avoid you like the plague. They already find teenage and 20 year old Americans weird to begin with.
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Well these days even the English term 'nerd' is used to describe one's self with pride. Usually just means that you like comics, cartoons, sci-fi, and so on. I guess the term 'otaku' in the sense that we use it is kind of the same? Instead used to identify ones self who enjoys Japanese anime, manga' etc. I guess it still means nerd, but is used to more specifically identify one's personal interest? Also helps to identify with others who share the same interests.
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@Priscillasdoor I think it's kind of like the the 'n' words that I'm apparently not aloud to use even though there is a thing called free speech, because reasons. While it not on the same level as racial descrimination, the same idea aplies. One is a term of endearment while the other is seen as derogatory. Another difference is that 'otakus' don't get mad at 'non-otakus' for using the term just because they themselves are not 'otakus'. As far as I know anyway.... Just my thoughts, I'm not 100% sure though.
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@Priscillasdoor it's more about anime than any other place I've ever been. same as korea is not about kpop either. I think some people are the real meaning of otakus (my sister) because of age is always home playing games and watching anime. I was like that too when I was a teen, now I watch and play when I can. either way let them call themselves whatever they please.
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who cares wat they call themselves if they like being called a otaku let them its not a crime and im pretty sure they already know wat that means like i like being called a nerd i feel smart when i call myself a nerd and i feel different and one of a kind when i call my self a otaku or by anyone who calls me that. So let them be 馃構馃榿
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I only use it while in America, so I don't really care...
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