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What time is it!?

Reunion time! Everyone is here, except for Zac Efron...*sobs*. Corbin Bleu, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Taylor McKessie, and Lucas Grabeel all joined in on the laughs, selfies, and story time. They're all grown up now, not really recognizable to today's youth, however forever remembered by today's college students and adults. After all, we all grew up as East High Wildcats, get'cha head in the game!
Rumor has it that Efron did not attend the reunion because Hudgens didn't want him there. Despite his claim that he was too busy promoting his upcoming film, Dirty Grandpa. However, many know that it was a weak excuse since he and Hudgens had a shocking breakup years ago and have since moved on to other partners. It would probably be a strange reunion.
"I just love that we all still love each other, and love hanging out with each other, and have that connection, you know?" Tisdale said. "It was a really special moment in our lives."
As I type this, the special is airing on Disney Channel with thousands of fans tuning in to reminisce arguably the best movie series that ever came from Disney Channel. Though times have certainly changed, it'll only be a little while longer before a new set of wildcats walk through the doors and become international superstars.
The High School Musical franchise can't only remain a memory forever.
This could be the start of something new...
OH my god hahahaha. This is amazing!! Totally forgot about High School Musical!! *starts to dance* We're allll in this togetherrr...
Omg High School Musical!
Ahhh how I miss the HSM days