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btw, im not just referring to love, this goes toward friendship too, right @YinofYang
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@oj1992 @MoonMi @cheerfulcallie It's true, Callie. I totally agree. In fact, my hubby didn't know what I looked like when he first asked me out. I think that in a way, meeting someone online allows you to truly share who you are inside, because that person is someone you'll probably never meet. And there are often connections that are made that aren't based on appearance. Although, I also agree that, looks are a factor a lot of times too.
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@cheerfulcallie Definitely, sis! Sometimes, the best friendships are in the most unexpected places. (‐^▽^‐)
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yes sis, @yinofyang ...i concur, i totally agree...
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that's right :D
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