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Hey everyone! This is my playlist of songs that I think best help me get my sweat on. And I'm not making it a challenge with the message of saying that people should work out! Everyone is beautiful just the way they are! I just want to get in shape because my family has a tradition of getting health problems. But if you DO work out, I am simply making the card for those who want to share their workout playlist so everyone can share and expand their workout jams.
Thank the lord my playlist is only ten songs long! :P Well, here it is. They really help me finish my workouts and push even harder, and I never get tired of these songs! If you want to use my playlist for when you workout or just to jam out to, please go ahead! And share yours with the community so we all can grow or taste in music! @TessStevens @thepinkprincess @alywoah @kpopandkimchi @shannonl5 @nicolejb @maddie27 @Ercurrent @B1A4BTS5SVER @danidee
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@felicityautumn MTBD is what it's called I think
2 years ago·Reply
Oh Mental breakdown! Love it!@shannonl5
2 years ago·Reply
@felicityautumn yes that one!!! It's good for getting revved up at the beginning I've found
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 my all time favorite CL song. :D So fierce!
2 years ago·Reply
@ButterflyBlu definitely! Always lifts my mood :D
2 years ago·Reply